The rusted hull of the USS Zumwalt, the most expensive destroyer in the US, sinks it in a sea of ​​criticism (IMAGES)

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The stealthy American warship USS Zumwalt, which is being subjected to tests in the bay of San Diego (California), has caused surprise on the Internet, after images were released in which it appears with entire areas of the helmet Rusty and completely discolored cladding tiles.

The look of the most expensive destroyer in the US, valued at at least $ 3.5 billion, has generated reactions of all kinds on social networks, especially from users who question the preparation of the crew, based on the degree of spread of rust by the peculiar hull of pyramidal geometry.

“I am serious when I say this: trade less, paint more. We are not at war. When we show up in a place, we should look good. If we don’t, we are defeating the purpose of the presence “, commented David Larter, a Navy veteran and former employee of Defense News and Navy Times, according to data from his Twitter account.

“It is totally disgusting to present the US Navy like this is a sin, but represents the current Administration“, express another user.

Although the problem of rust It is nothing new, particularly for ships operating in severe conditions at sea, the inability to handle it in time by covering it with a layer of paint may be indicative of systemic problems within the Navy, points out The Drive.

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The medium indicates that the size of the crew could be the explanation: the USS Zumwalt was built on the basis of a concept of high automation and reduced crew. In fact, the ship has 175 crew, half the crew of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, despite its much greater displacement.

On the other hand, the media recalls that both the USS Zumwalt and the second destroyer, the USS Michael Monsoor, were built with composite materials that are supposed to reduce corrosion.

USS Zumwalt was assigned to the Navy in 2016 and is seeded to three class ships of the same name.

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