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The sacrifice of the saddest chapter of “Doctor miracle” – MAG.

The Turkish soap opera “Miracle doctor”Has been captivating with the history of Ali Vefa, a young autistic man with the sage syndrome who enters the Berhayat Hospital in Istanbul to save lives. As the drama progresses, he gets many people to change their mindset from people who have different abilities and he also learns to be more social and identify emotions.

“Doctor miracle” (“Mucize Doktor”, in its original language) is an adaptation of the South Korean series “Good Doctor” from 2013, which had already had another successful version, the American “The Good Doctor”. The Ottoman soap opera has reached several countries in the world and is now a boom in Latin America.

The Turkish soap opera “Doctor Milagro” will broadcast this Thursday one of the saddest and strongest scenes, which even in its country of origin, Turkey, generated thousands of repercussions on social networks. And it is that Ali Vefa, the protagonist, will face one of the hardest blows in life: he will lose a loved one.

It will be goodbye to one of the figures who was in fiction from day one and that will shock the fans, especially for how he will react within the autism that he carries. Undoubtedly, they will be moments where pain will occupy the first place and this will be accompanied by a message of “eternal love.”

This difficult situation that Ali will go through will lead him to be even between life and death. And it is precisely because of this limit that he will reach, that scenes of more pain will be unleashed in his environment, especially in Nazli.

“Doctor Milagro” has a total of 64 chapters and two seasons already released in its country of origin. The first installment consists of 28 episodes, which aired in Turkey on September 12, 2019 and concluded on March 26, 2020.

The second season of “Doctor Milagro” consists of 36 episodes. This installment was slow to air because the recordings were delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming was canceled and ended at the end of March 2020 and resumed in July of that same year. The first episode aired on Fox Turkey on September 17, 2020 and ended on May 27, 2021.

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