The sacrifice that Joey King and Jacob Elordi overcame in The Kissing Stand 3

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With the arrival of series on Netflix, many films lost prominence and interest, but there is one that exceeded all expectations: The Kisses Stand. This trilogy, which will premiere its final part on August 11, has Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney as the main protagonists of a somewhat controversial trio since it is not a true love triangle.

Joey is Elle, Joel is Lee, and Jacob is Noah. The two brothers, her, Lee’s best friend and Noah’s great love, without a doubt, a trio that was formed from childhood, but it was only in high school when they noticed that they were more united than they expected. But, there is something that stands out in this story and, is that love crossed the screen of The Kisses Stand.

This is because, in 2018, the two protagonists, Jacob Elordi and Joey King they began a love relationship which lasted just a year. That is why, when the sequel to the film was announced, many fans wondered if the actors would return to be the protagonists of the plot that so captured them.

And, after several months of speculation, Netflix confirmed that both Elordi and King would be present. But, all the gossip was reborn when the streaming giant mentioned the third part and, the followers of the story were not sure of seeing their favorite actors present again, although, this was soon known and, it is effective that both They will be present.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi at The Kissing Booth 2. Photo: (IMDB)

However, meeting again on the recording set of the tape was a challenge both for one and the other. “It was crazy, wild experience, but honestly it was a really beautiful moment because I learned a lot about myself and grew up as an actress”, He mentioned Joey King last year when she was asked about working with Jacob Elordi again in The Kisses Stand.

Of course, it should be noted that, for the premiere of this 2021, no one spoke about it and, due to the little that was seen in the recently published trailer, the interpreters continue to maintain the same chemistry and, they already have experience in meeting again on set. Although, everything seems to indicate that, between them there is nothing more than a friendship since he rebuilt his life with Kaia Gerber while she is in a relationship with a film producer.

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