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The sad reasons why Bridgerton’s continuation could be in jeopardy

With the mind of Chris Van Dusen and the production of Shonda Rhimes, Netflix premiered Bridgerton making Julia Quinn’s novels a worldwide phenomenon. Set in Regency London, this story was one of the most watched of 2020. In fact, such was its success that the platform was soon renewed for a second, third and fourth edition.

What’s more, after overcoming the virus blockages, Bridgerton He is already immersed in the filming of the new chapters that will have Jonathan Bailey as the protagonist. The actor, who played Anthony in the first edition, now becomes the main one in order to find love in a woman of his rank to continue his family lineage.

However, the success of the new chapters of Bridgerton they could be overshadowed by the amount of tragedies that the production experienced. Since it was known that there would be a next season, the entire team, both the cast and the behind the scenes, lived very hard moments. That is why, now, it began to be suspected that, if it continued like this, the continuation of the strip could be jeopardized, although, of course, everything seems to indicate that they are only rumors.

Bridgerton’s tragedies:

1. The resignation of Regé-Jean Page:

Before the start of the filming of the new season, the same actor was the one who confirmed that Simon Basset is not going for more. Through Instagram, the actor said goodbye to his character, breaking the hearts of thousands of fans.

Also, everything got worse when the production would have offered him to return, at least as a flashback, but he would not have accepted.

2. A case of COVID stopped the recordings of the second season:

Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that Shonda Rhimes and her team had to stop the recordings due to a positive case of COVID. It was not released if it was an actor or someone behind the scenes who was infected, but even so, all had to comply with the 15-day quarantine.

3. The release date is delayed:

As planned and Chris Van Dusen himself confirmed, the desire for everything Bridgerton is that the second season comes out at the end of this year. However, the stoppage for the COVID case would have delayed the calendar and the series could only arrive next year, which would imply more effort and speed to work on editions three and four.


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