The Samsung Galaxy FE S21 will not arrive this year according to a report

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Samsung always leaves us some of the biggest phones of the year. And is that its Galaxy S series is one of the most advanced in the segment, not to mention the innovative Z Fold and Z Flip with their folding design. But we are going to stick with the traditional structure, where many find in the FE model what they need at a more affordable price. However, this year many may want to buy yours if finally Samsung does not manufacture the Galaxy FE S21.

A report indicates that the Galaxy S FE 21 has been canceled

We are used to talking about the latest news from manufacturers in the world of technology and for the better. The development of new screens, more efficient batteries or more dynamic software are some of those novelties, but unfortunately these lines do not go for the most positive part. And it is that everything indicates that Samsung has canceled the Galaxy S21 FE.

Last year the company introduced the famous Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, a terminal that brought all the essence of the S20 with a lower price. But do not let this cool your spirits, since it is a more than decent device capable of giving you a lot of power, so much that it can even record in 8K and run the most powerful games. However, this may not be the year that we see the revision of the current version.

According to what the Korean media tells DigitalDayli, a worker from company hIt has been the one who has given this information stating that it was going to come out in mid-October, but that in the end it has been decided to cancel the launch. In principle, I would notice the Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm, one of the most powerful processors on the market, which is only surpassed by the plus version of it.

Victim of chip shortage

The cancellation of the Galaxy S21 FE it’s just one more victim of the chip shortage on the market. And it is that many manufacturers have been in the position of using a chip of a category lower than desired to launch their terminals. This only reduces the characteristics of said smartphone, but it also means lowering costs by not betting on the newer models. Perhaps in the future we will see an FE of the S22, but for now, everything indicates that the Korean firm abandons the project of this version.


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