The Santa Fe Klan Battle: A Closer Look at Karely Ruiz and Maya Nazor’s Fight for Justice

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Controversy has erupted on social media after OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz shared a kiss with rapper Santa Fe Klan on stage. Netizens criticized Ruiz for “messing” with the ex-partner of her “friend,” influencer Maya Nazor. After receiving a flurry of negative comments, Ruiz went live on her social media to explain that Nazor is not her friend and that she was single and free to do as she pleased. Additionally, the rapper’s ex-partner commented on the matter, and it was revealed that Nazor began selling her bag collection around the same time as the incident. Here is what happened and what each party had to say about it.

Karely Ruiz offers an explanation

Following the criticism she received, Karely Ruiz tried to clear the air by explaining that she did like the kiss with Santa Fe Klan, but that it wasn’t pre-planned. She confirmed that she is single and that her private life is her own business. Moreover, she took a swipe at Maya Nazor, pointing out that her brand was launched around the time of the kiss.

Did Karely Ruiz fight with Maya Nazor?

Ruiz denied reports that she had any issues with Maya Nazor, emphasizing that they only follow each other on social media. However, in the same live video, she hinted that there was someone who took advantage of the situation to promote her product.

Maya Nazor stays quiet on the matter

In a live stream on her Instagram account, Maya Nazor declined to comment on the kiss event between Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan, stressing that she chooses to focus on her own happiness and peace of mind. She confirmed that she was doing well and that she was concentrating on her baby.

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The incident between Karely Ruiz, Santa Fe Klan, and Maya Nazor has generated a lot of attention on social media, with people taking different sides. While Ruiz maintains that the kiss was just a friendly gesture, Maya Nazor opted to remain silent and focus on her wellbeing. Regardless of who is right or wrong, it’s essential to remember that not every social media incident needs to escalate into a full-blown controversy.

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