The sarcastic request of the production of Spiderman: no way home after releasing the trailer

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August 23, 2021 was a day that many fans of Marvel they waited without knowing. Is that, the largest studio in Hollywood decided to release the first official trailer of Spiderman: no way home, the last film that will have Tom Holland as the protagonist. Next December 17 the cinemas will collapse with its premiere, but before, the fans had the focus on the official advance.

That is why, after months of pure secrecy and being true to its principles, Marvel released the long-awaited trailer at CinemaCon, one of Sony Pictures’ biggest events. And, in 2:56 minutes, the first images of Holland putting himself back into Peter Parker’s shoes drove everyone crazy, especially for a possible confirmation of the Spiderverse.

However, as if this emotion that the fans received was not enough, now the production decided to place a new order. Just as it happened with Black Widow, the trailer of Spiderman: no way home It became one of the most anticipated of the year and, in fact, the faithful to the history of this superhero were very insistent with its publication.

Peter, MJ and Ned. Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

For months, different speculations were generated about the date that this trailer was going to arrive and, what’s more, the same production made fun of the fans with different comments. But now, things have changed since, through a tweet, the film’s official networks spoke about the insistent requests of Holland’s faithful and his character about the audiovisual released yesterday.

You better watch this video as many times as requested”, Reads the comment of Spiderman: no way home while citing the trailer post. And, definitely, the fans did not hesitate to listen to him since the YouTube video exceeded three million visits in less than 24 hours and already has 20.9 thousand retweets on the official Sony account.

The sarcastic request of the Spiderman production.

The sarcastic request of the Spiderman production.

Even so, it should be noted that this trailer left little flavor. While the multiverse and the appearance of old villains from the franchise were confirmed, those who were conspicuous by their absence were Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield themselves, who are supposed to be part of the film. And, having said that, now we just have to wait for a next preview or for the release date of the film to see if they will actually be present.

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