The scare that Marjorie de Sousa took and that has earned her a shower of mockery

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The actress tried to pose for a photo with a beautiful horse, but the idyllic image could never be realized.

In the midst of constant criticism on the issue of her son Matías and Julián Gil, Marjorie de Sousa has sought to show her best face on social networks, which includes embarrassing moments.

As it happened recently.

And it is that during the recordings of his new soap opera, The soulless, Marjorie tried to take a picture with a rather imposing horse.

Unfortunately for the actress, the steed was not in the best position to pose for the cameras.

The details, in the video above.

A few weeks ago, the actress of Venezuelan origin exploded against the haters after a video of her and her son was released at the christening party of actress Marlene Favela’s daughter.

And it is that in the clip, little Matías tried to attract the attention of his mother, who was about to take a picture with her friend.

Some users thought that that moment indicated the alleged lack of attention of the actress towards her son, who responded forcefully to the comments, including criticism of the battle for parental authority between her and Julián Gil.

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