The Scottish Police pay more than $ 1 million to the family of a woman who died after being injured for 3 days in a crashed car

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The Scottish Police will pay more than one million pounds sterling (1.3 million dollars) in compensation to the family of Lamara Bell, a woman who died after being injured for three days in a car that was damaged by the negligence of the authorities. A police source confirmed the news in dialogue with the British newspaper Daily Record and noted that the compensation was agreed at the end of November and will be delivered “in a few weeks.” The victim’s children, both minors and now under the care of their grandparents, will receive much of the money.

The death of 25-year-old Lamara occurred in 2015. She and her partner, John Yuill, crashed into a tree on July 5 while on the M9, one of Scotland’s main motorways. A passerby noticed the incident and called the emergency line 101, but no one responded to the warning. Authorities arrived at the scene only on July 8, after a second call from another person who saw the vehicle. By this time Yuill, who was driving, had already died and Bell was in critical condition. The young woman had suffered a brain injury, had a broken limb and was severely dehydrated. He died in a hospital four days later.

The Scottish Police were sued for having ignored the first report of the accident and failed to offer an adequate response. The Edinburgh High Court blamed the institution for corporate criminal liability and fined it £ 100,000 ($ 132,000). The Department admitted last September his responsibility and security failures that “materially contributed” to the deaths. As explained, on the day of the event a call center official was unable to record and record the information reported. “The Scottish Police failed Lamara and John in their duty and I’m sorry”, declared then the chief of police, Lain Livigstone.

“No amount of money could compensate the children and the family”

Bell family attorney David Nellaney reported that their clients have welcomed the news of the Police economic retribution, but criticized the authorities for not solving the case at a much earlier stage. “It is regrettable that the Scottish Police did not admit their faults earlier as it could have spared them unnecessary distress,” he said.

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James McMillan, grandfather of Kieran, one of Lamara’s sons, said that “no amount of money could compensate the children and the family for their loss.” According to him, the little boy, who was 5 years old at the time of the accident, “has suffered intensely from the loss of his mother” and has been “grieving for 6 years.” “It has been a long wait for answers and it appears that justice is not being done for Lamara or her family,” he added.

“Our pain and our loss will not stop just because the legal proceedings are over, but at least there is a sense of peace that comes with their conclusion. But that peace is fleeting, because ultimately we are still without Lamara,” the family said. in statement.

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