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“The Second Season Garnering Critical Acclaim: A Top-Rated Phenomenon”

The Bear: The second season already has a critical rating

In the best of television awards season in 2022, The Bear (100%) won the best awards in the acting part: The Golden Globe, The Sag Awards and the Critics’ Award for Jeremy Allen White, star of the series.

Both the press and the public agreed on the successes of the program that showed the viewer the chaotic day-to-day life of a restaurant in a Chicago neighborhood, while delving into the motivations of the characters and their relationship with the local.

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The Bear (100%) follows Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Allen White), a young chef from the world of haute cuisine who returns to her home Chicago to run the restaurant of his family’s sandwiches, The Original Beef of Chicagoland.

Returning home from the death of her brother (Jon Bernthal), Carmy finds herself a world away from the environments she was used to in New York and sets out to transform her family’s sandwich shop, while dealing with other budding cooks with a desire to innovate and their own professional and family conflicts.

If the first season was like discovering a jewel lost in the sea of ​​streaming, the second part promises not to disappoint. The first reviews of The Bear (100%) say that it outdoes itself (more?) with a script that feels polished and a conflict that doesn’t just continue the story we knew and takes risks with twists we didn’t expect.

If the journalists who have already seen the new episodes can say anything, it is that we are facing a solid program thanks to its emerging talent, young and mature actors, who do not waste a single blink to demonstrate their histrionic registers.

It is mentioned in the reviews that they were left behind the anxious days of working in the kitchen, the sound of cuts, arguments and the sound of pots. This is a different story, with a staff in new roles (Ayo Edebiri, Liza Colón-Zayas, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Lionel Boyce), but the emotional magic is still there, resulting in a raw look at the crucial themes of the series: family, friendship, professional uncertainty.

The second season of The Bear (100%) opens this June 22 in the United States and will have 10 chapters. For Mexico and Latin America, there is still no release date.

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Here are the most outstanding reviews of the second season of The Bear (100%):

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