The secret behind the commented label on Jennifer López’s cape

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Although most netizens thought it was a mistake, there is a hidden reason behind why not remove the tag from the mystical garment.

A couple of days ago there was a huge stir around Jennifer Lopez. More specifically, about her latest fashion pick while visiting Italy.

And it is that Jennifer had an impressive appearance in the high fashion show in Venice, with a cape that reached almost to the ground and that stole the glances of all the attendees of the event. But there was a small detail that stole the attention of all Internet users with a slightly more telescopic look.

On his cape, you could see a label with several barcodes and most fans came out to ensure that he had escaped to withdraw the price of his outfit. It would be her first fashion mistake!

However, it was just revealed that there is a hidden reason behind that label. And it’s far from the price of his already iconic cape.

Click on the video above to find out what it is about.

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