The Secret to Stop Honey from Sticking to Your Cutlery

Importance of Honey for Your Health

Thousands of people seek the best foods for their health, and honey is always among them. This bee product is a gift of nature that is used for balanced diets and even for medicinal preparations.

Benefits of Consuming Honey

Honey is a food with high organic value due to its richness in antioxidants and its natural sugar. It is much better than the artificial one created for mass consumption. In addition, it has great benefits to reduce bad cholesterol and minimize blood pressure, people with heart problems are grateful for its consumption. It is an anti-inflammatory and anticongestant par excellence, especially in times of extreme cold and colds.

Trick to Prevent Honey from Sticking

If you use honey at home, either to sweeten your cup of tea or coffee, then you must have a problem with the remains stuck to the spoon. First, you must get an oil of your choice. You need to cover the inside of the spoon with a layer of oil by spreading it with your finger all over its fine surface. When you introduce the spoon into the pot of honey, this bee food will no longer stick and will slide smoothly down the spoon.

Another Effective Trick to Prevent Honey from Sticking

Boil some water and then submerge a spoon in the boiling liquid and use it like this. Honey will not be able to remain on this object at high temperatures. It will melt and slide smoothly.


These homemade hacks will not only get rid of the stuck honey in the spoon, but you will also save on the product and dirty your environment less. Like this ‘hack,’ there is another type of utility that you will like. We invite you to get to know them and put them into practice. To do this, you just have to enter the link for more homemade tricks in Mag, and that’s it. So, try these tricks and enjoy your honey!

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