The Secretary of State for Justice resigns while Llop is on an official trip to Colombia

The Secretary of State for Justice and number two of the department, Pablo Zapatero, and the secretary general of the Administration of Justice, Borja Vargues, have resigned just when the minister Pilar Llop He is on an official trip in Colombia.

As he has been able to confirm in ministry sources, both, who were appointed to their positions by former Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campo, have resigned this Thursday for personal reasons. The resignation occurs in full development of the 2030 Justice Plan, which seeks a structural change in the system of Administration of Justice in Spain, and which has been flagged by both the department of Wolf like that of his predecessor in office.

The sources consulted point out that both leave the headquarters of the Ministry because, after four months since the new minister of the branch was elected by the president Pedro Sanchez, a new stage begins and it is intended to give a new impulse to the department. They add that the decision that both resign from their position comes by mutual agreement between the minister and these high officials.

They advance that the output of Zapatero and Vargues It will not have a major impact on the day-to-day life of the Llop department and they explain that the appointment of the new ‘number two’ of the Ministry will be taken to the next Council of Ministers.

Llop in Colombia

The announcement of the resignation occurred while the minister and her chief of staff were in Colombia, where this Thursday she accompanied the Rey Felipe VI in Barranquilla at the closing of the World Congress of Jurists, a biannual event that organizes the World Association of Jurists.

Precisely this Wednesday, Zapatero He was in charge of defending before the Senate Justice Commission the item of the General State Budgets that is destined for the department. In his speech, he defended the 11.5% increase in the game and pointed out that “He does everything he can” to carry out public service projects in a timely manner to guarantee “accessible, efficient and quality” Justice. “We are sweating the shirt,” he asserted.

Until now, the Secretary of State said he was aware of the “challenge” that the Ministry had before it in order to carry out the projects included in the budget and insisted that the Ministry “He does everything he can”. “I think we are showing that we are making an effort,” he said.

It so happens that on November 18 the majority associations of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ) sent a joint letter to the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, asking her to cease the Secretary of State Pablo Zapatero and to the Secretary General Borja Vargues for the “rupture” of the commitments assumed by both regarding the salary adjustment demanded by the LAJ for what they consider a “serious mismatch” between their responsibilities and their remuneration.

The signatories – the Progressive Union of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (UPSJ), the National College of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (CNLAJ) and the Independent Association of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (AINLAJ) – demanded the dismissal of Zapatero and Vargues for being your interlocutors in the Ministry for these negotiations.

Zapatero’s arrival at the ministry

It was in January 2020 when the Council of Ministers approved the Royal Decree establishing the basic organic structure of the ministerial departments and which, in the case of Justice, meant appointing a doctor in International Law Pablo Zapatero as Secretary of State and introduce changes in the organization of the Department.

Zapatero is a professor of International Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Since 2016 and until his appointment as Secretary of State for Justice, he held the position of technical secretary general of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers. Previously, between 2009 and 2011, he served as chief of staff of the Secretary of State for Justice and responsible for the preparation and execution of the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Justice.

The Zapatero-Vargues tandem During his almost two years in the Ministry, he has had to deal with the reinvention of the Justice Administration due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and both were also involved in the development of the 2030 Justice Plan.

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