The series that is all the rage on Netflix worldwide, but has already been canceled

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We live in an era in which we have multiple titles for our entertainment a few steps away and from the comfort of our homes, and the preferred place for most users to find what they are looking for is the streaming service Netflix. They recently added to their catalog the fourth season of Good Girls, but unfortunately there won’t be a fifth as it was canceled.

“The series follows three women from the Michigan suburbs, two of whom are sisters, who have a hard time making a living. They are tired of having everything taken from them, so they decide to carry out an unlikely robbery by robbing a supermarket , only to find that more awaits them than they bargained for. Their successful robbery attracts the attention of the store manager after he recognizes one of the women, but for a completely different reason than just money. “, says its official synopsis.

The fiction that it is currently the second most viewed in the world, in back of The Paper House 5, it was created by Jenna Bans and began to be broadcast on American television in February 2018, reaching a large audience that made the platform set its eyes on it to integrate it into its library. Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Withman and Reno Wilson star in all 43 episodes and won’t be back for more, following a sad announcement in mid-June.

According to what was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, chain NBC, who has his rights, I intended to take the show to a fifth and final batch of episodes. Nevertheless, negotiations did not come to fruition with Netflix and the contractual obligations between the parties made a continuation and it was decided to cancel it, despite its popularity.

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The inconveniences between both producers began when NBC limited Netflix’s ability to decide on the series because they only had the international rights. In addition, it is mentioned that there was a considerable drop in viewers and the streaming made clear their disinterest. Without a doubt, a sadness for the fans of Good Girls, since after four seasons there will be no happy ending.

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