The series that returned to be the most watched on Netflix United States despite the premieres

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Nielsen shared again the usual audience data published weekly about the most seen in the United States. The prestigious consultancy again surprised with its statistics for the series that it ranked as the most chosen on Netflix with its updated figures: Lucifer. Despite the new releases, the success starring Tom Ellis returned to the top. Look at all the numbers!

The analysis carried out by the renowned company was made on the period between June 21 and June 27. That is, when they had passed more than three weeks from Lucifer’s Season 5 B premiere on May 28. While Nielsen had previously reported Sweet Tooth at the top of the rankings, the series about the Devil bounced back and returned to the leadership.

With 603 million minutes viewed, the supernatural show was ranked as the most viewed. Left behind Working mothers (394 million minutes), Sweet Tooth (359 million minutes), Black Summer (297 million minutes) and World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (253 million minutes).

Lucifer was first on Netflix, but not globally because Loki took that privilege. The Marvel series on Disney + got 713 million minutes and it was the most watched in the United States among all platforms. Bosch, from Amazon, also surprised and positioned third in the ranking (423 million minutes).

Statistics provided by Nielsen They are a reference to assess audience levels when specific and public measurement data is lacking. Currently, Netflix views any content in its library with just two minutes of tuning. At the moment did not share the actual numbers that Lucifer has.

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Most viewed in the United States from June 21-27, 2021

1 | Loki (Disney +) – 713 million minutes

2 | Lucifer (Netflix) – 603 million minutes

3 | Bosch (Amazon) – 423 million minutes

4 | Working mothers (Netflix) – 394 million minutes

5 | Sweet Tooth (Netflix) – 359 million minutes

6 | Black Summer (Netflix) – 297 million minutes

7 | The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) – 266 million minutes

8 | World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (Netflix) – 253 million minutes

9 | Too hot to handle (Netflix) – 190 million minutes

10 | Elite (Netflix) – 170 million minutes


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