The Sex Education star confessed when she was most embarrassed

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The third season of Sex Education It is already an absolute success and continues to live up to what the fans expected. Mimi Keene, in charge of playing Ruby, made an interesting confession about her character.

The third season premiered a week ago.


© NetflixThe third season premiered a week ago.

Sex Education It is here to stay and be one of the best series that it left Netflix on your platform. For many people, it is a production that should be presented in schools to educate adolescents about emotional responsibility and sexual relationships. Starring Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield, premiered its third season on September 17 and many fans did not last more than a weekend.

Throughout the weeks leading up to and after the premiere, several of the cast members of Sex Education They talked about what it was like to work on this production of Netflix. Among those people was Mimi Keene, in charge of interpreting Ruby in the three seasons of the platform’s success. During an interview with Digital Spy, the actress spoke about the uncomfortable moments that she had to live on the set.

If you consider that it is a series that talks about intimacy, anyone could think that a kiss or a sexual relationship could lead the list of uncomfortable moments. Nevertheless, Keene it has another element in said ranking, which has nothing to do with the aforementioned. Apparently the nails of Ruby they were a complication for one of the practices he had to do in the episodes.

At the interview, Mimi counted: “There was a scene where Ruby was supposed to be rolling weed and she had to. Ruby had very long nails and there is a very close shot. I’m doing it, and trying to look like I’m really good at it, trying to roll up the ending and close it. “. After several attempts, she ended up resigned and pretended that she had done well: “There were so many takes that I was trying to do it, and it just broke everything. I was like, ‘Oh, for crying out loud.’ In the end, I held it in one hand and pretended it was already there. It was a bit untrue “.

Is there a spin-off of Sex Education?

With only three seasons, some versions hold that Sex Education it would have reached its end point and would not have a fourth installment. For this reason, fans began to speculate about potential spin-offs arising from this absolute success of Netflix. At the moment, there are no official versions, but one of the protagonists referred to the possibility of seeing a different story.

In a chat with Cosmopolitan, Butterfield revealed that she would like the show to make a Christmas movie about sex education. In addition, he made it clear that the future of Sex Education is anyone’s guess: “We will not know if there will be more seasons, it is out of our hands at this time”. Regarding the chances of a spin-off, the protagonists of the series stressed that “It has to be well thought out and be really unique”.

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