The shocking photos of the Northern Lights that lit up the skies of Canada and the United Kingdom

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The solar storm this Monday left shocking images on social networks of the auroras boreal. There were several Internet users who shared the photographs they could take from different parts of the world. Thus, countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland became the scene of the phenomenon that caused a sensation in the 2.0 community. In a few minutes, those who had the privilege of seeing them transformed the postcards of the incredible event into viral.

The event dyed the sky with green and purple lights, becoming a true spectacle, unique and unrepeatable, for those who managed to be witnesses. Is that the storm magnified the show of colors in the atmosphere. Unlike other opportunities, this time it was not necessary to capture the photographs from great heights, which allowed several people to witness the event from a few meters. Therefore, Internet users did not hesitate for a second to upload all the material to the networks.

According to specialists, this type of event is easier to perceive during the dark of night. In this way, 00:00 hours become the ideal time to be able to fully appreciate it. While the wind solar runs every day, so they could be viewed at any time of the day, it is in twilight, and when there is no longer a drop of sunlight, when they can best be seen.

What are the boral auroras

Also known as polar auroras, they are formed when the sun’s particles, usually recognized as the solar wind, manage to relate to atmospheric gases, getting rid of the light as if they were curtains. Generally, the boreal ones can be seen in the Northern hemisphere while the southern ones occur in the South of the globe. Although they are normally seen in green, the truth is that their tones tend to change between yellow, purple blue or reddish. The range they acquire will depend directly on the gas in the atmosphere.

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The time lapse that went viral

The photos captured by users on social networks have no point of comparison with the video that ABC News posted from his Twitter account. With a time lapse managed to film 47 minutes of the phenomenon that caused sensation in various countries. In this way, and strategically located in New Hampshire, in the United States, a professional photographer got the best images of the particular phenomenon. Thus the brilliant lights of the Northern Lights could be appreciated in all their splendor.

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