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The Significance of First Strokes in the ViX Series

THE ARTISTS: FIRST STROKES, ViX's New Dramedy Premieres July 7

THE ARTISTS: FIRST STROKES, ViX's New Dramedy Premieres July 7

A story full of fraud, forgery, and suspense

A story full of fraud, forgery, and suspense is what “The Artists: First Strokes” presents us, a new series that will surely capture the public’s attention from the beginning.

What is it about?

“The Artists: First Strokes” revolves around two characters: Cata, a young Mexican restaurateur who lives in Madrid but works as a waitress after losing her job in a museum, and Yago, an antique dealer. Their paths cross when one day in the restaurant where she works, the young woman hears how some customers with little knowledge of art are about to buy a work from Yago, so she decides to intervene. Although the antiquarian does not like her attitude at first, she convinces them to buy it with a few simple words, not only that, because she gets the price to rise more. This action causes the two to create a sales association in which they will offer works of little value to buyers who do not know art but who are willing to pay whatever the price, a situation that implies many risks, which they do not hesitate to assume.

When will it premiere and how to see it?

The Artists: First Strokes” premieres today, Friday, July 7, 2023, on ViX, the Hispanic streaming service owned by TelevisaUnivision, so if you want to see the series you will have to pay for a subscription.

Who act in the VIX series?

The role of Cata is played by the Mexican Ximena Romo, while Yago is the Spanish Maxi Iglesias. “While Cata is serious, rigorous, structured, with some principles and very solid and very clear ideas; Yago is much more weathercocked, he is more impulsive, he is more spontaneous, he is less rational,” said María Dueñas in an interview with the Los Angeles Time. It is known that the protagonist recorded for the first time in Spain, for which she lived several months in Madrid, where she visited several museums to delve deeper into his character. This couple enters a world full of deceptions in which many millionaires are scammed.

How many chapters does “The Artists: First Strokes” have?

The Artists: First Strokes” has a total of ten chapters of 40 to 48 minutes. These are:

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