The silent success of Netflix that fights against La Casa de Papel to become the most watched series

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The Money Heist premiered last Friday the final five episodes of its fifth and final season, thus closing the story of the robbers that captivated millions of fans around the world. However, there is another series in the streaming service Netflix which is among the most chosen by subscribers and in the next few days we could have a new Top 10 leader.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the platform is that its contents become instant hits, regardless of the genre that the production encompasses. Of course, some are touched by the wand, as was the case with The Squid Game, but we must emphasize that the audience record obtained by the Korean drama can be surpassed at any time.

+ The silent success of Netflix

In general, the programs or films that win the consideration of users are those that receive the most support and promotion from streaming, although here there has not been an advertising campaign as large as the Spanish show had. We are talking about Lost In Space O Lost in Space, a series launched in 2018 that premiered its third and last installment of chapters on Wednesday, December 1.

The plot of this space opera follows the family Robinson, who fight through thick and thin to survive and escape after a crash landing on an alien planet, but find themselves surrounded by hidden dangers. For this third part, the situation becomes more dangerous and pressing than ever, so they must put their survival skills to the test before one last definitive challenge.

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The opinions in general have been positive, both from viewers and critics, who have given it good reviews. As we mentioned, it did not have great publicity, nor does it have a cast of recognized stars in the environment, but there is no doubt that Lost in Space is one of Netflix’s current successes, ranking second among the most watched worldwide, just behind The Money Heist. Will you make it to the top spot?

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