The simple trick to clean the inside of the washing machine and make clothes look spotless

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Anita Birges is an Australian woman who usually shares all kinds of homemade tricks that make household chores easier. Recently, it has become viral after sharing the simple method he uses to get your washing machine clean and make clothes look spotless, making life easier for thousands of people around the world.

Birges, who has become a benchmark of order and organization, explains that there are three places in the apparatus where you have to pay attention: filter, dispenser and rubber seal. If you don’t clean them properly, your clothes will not only not be washed properly, they could also get even more soiled.

Therefore, it is enough to follow a few simple steps that we will summarize below: First, to clean the rubber seal, you have to put a microfiber cloth towel inside and remove any dirt that has accumulated. Then, for the dispenser, which is where the liquid with which you wash your clothes goes, just take it out and remove all the embedded dirt to put it back where it was.

Finally, the filter, which is one of the parts of the washing machine where more dirt accumulates, you have to open it by turning it counterclockwise, let the water run out and remove all the things that are there.

In this way, a better appearance of the washed clothes is achieved and we make the washing machine work optimally. The best part is that it is a simple method that should not take more than ten minutes.

Through his TikTok account, user Ramdeep.osahan, who often shares some homemade tricks and viral videos of experiments, revealed a simple method to clean the outside of a blackened pan. To do this, use five ingredients: salt, baking soda, liquid dish soap, napkins and white vinegar.

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The steps to follow are simple. First, add a little salt and bicarbonate of soda on the part to be cleaned, then add the liquid soap and with the help of a sponge we distribute the mixture well throughout the pan.

Next, you have to cover the pan with napkins, which will be responsible for absorbing all the accumulated fat. Finally, add the white vinegar to the pan and let it act.

After a few minutes, the napkins are removed, along with the accumulated grease and dirt.

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