The Sims 4 gets a free update with new stories

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There are games that survive for years and years, that are always there: without a doubt, The Sims 4 is one of them. Proof of this is that Electronic Arts and Maxis have revealed new content for the title, among which we can find the Vegetable Decoration kit. In addition, they have also published a free update, with which we can enjoy the stages, an unpublished feature.

In a press release, EA explained that these contents are part of the Season of the Self, a series of additions that “encourage creativity and exploration in totally new ways”, with which they intend “Celebrate all facets of the Sims”. It should be noted that the Scenarios are already available. They are, in essence, objective-based stories within the title, in which the players have the power of decision, something that influences the results.

The first challenge scenarios are Love after a breakup and Enrichment. There will also be an additional one, Infant Excess, despite the fact that this time it is a limited edition that can be enjoyed until November 6. They promise more scenarios in the future, with different themes and styles.

All about the Vegetable Decoration kit

If you are a plant lover, you will surely be interested in the Vegetable Decoration kit, which will go on sale on all platforms as of November 9. Still, “you don’t have to be a botanical expert”, because Sims have everything they need to “bring nature outside in.” Using their skills (it seems that they do not die of plants), we can enjoy some houses duly decorated with the natural greenery of these specimens. Whether in a pot or in the wild, plants “transform any room into a piece of paradise.”

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The Sims 4 can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Mac.

Source | EA (press release)


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