The Skyrim mod that makes it unplayable has been removed for that very reason.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has provided hundreds and hundreds of stories over the years. His legend has been made even bigger thanks to mods, but not all of them are particularly useful. Who would waste time installing one that only makes the game unplayable? Probably few, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Now the mod NoSkyrim it is no longer available for precisely that reason.

Developed by ThatLittleCommie, the NoSkyrim mod doesn’t add anything new, but just install it to make playing Skyrim no longer a possibility, as the game crashes shortly after. “Have you ever felt that the title you spend your hard-earned money on it should be removed or unplayable. Well, I have done so ”, says the official description. “Now with NoSkyrim, instead of being able to start a new game like most Skyrim players, you just can’t do it.”

Nexus Mods, the platform that housed the mod, has not given explanations about the removal of NoSkyrim, but presumably the fact that it causes the crasheo of the game it has not pleased the site administrators too much. Anyway, those who still want to mess around and try this mod can still download it via, a website of mods for adults. There is also a petition in for the mod to return to NexusMods.

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And a new edition will come

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has had a long commercial run that is yet to be sold out. Bethesda recently announced the launch of the Anniversary Edition, which celebrates 10 years of the game on the market. In addition to introducing an update for the new generation machines (the Special Edition will also be updated for free), players will be able to get some additional extras. You can read all the information about it in this news.

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Meanwhile, Bethesda continues to work on the sixth installment, although the team is currently focused on finishing Starfield, your new sci-fi intellectual property, which will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in November … 2022.

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