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The socialist mayor of Puente Genil spends thousands of € on “ideological propaganda” after raising taxes

Controversy in Genil Bridge (Córdoba). Vox has denounced the actions of the socialist mayor of the town, the socialist Esteban Morales, for raising taxes and then «finding flyers of cultural days that do not serve to improve the lives of the neighbors. And it is that in recent days a conference has been announced in the municipality cultural with a strong political line, as well as other allegedly cultural acts that have the republican or communist flag as clear protagonists.

“The Mayor raise taxes to waste public money on socialist indoctrination“, He criticized the formation in a statement, where he explained that Moyano has indicated that” our town is filled with posters announcing cultural days with a clear political and ideological line. “

«An example of this is the III Juan Rejano International Poetry Prize, sponsored, not only by the Puente Genil City Council, but also by the Córdoba Provincial Council, with an economic endowment of 3.000 euros and where the poster, the republican flag is the protagonist», Has valued. For this reason, Moyano has questioned the mayor “if public money is spent on this” and “if this is why he raises taxes.”

The coordinator of Vox in Puente Genil has affirmed that “this is not an isolated event”, because this Saturday the Culture Delegation of the City Council organizes the theatrical event ‘Exemplary Citizen’.

According Moyano, this theater event is “yet another investment based on sectarianism”, since it has valued that it is a “selective” culture to “indoctrinate in socialism and communism.”

The poster for the play by Gonzalo Campos Suárez entitled ‘Exemplary Citizen’.

The Puente Genil Town Hall reported in a statement posted on its website that the play by Gonzalo Campos Suárez entitled Exemplary Citizen It is directed by Carmen Ruiz-Mingorance and is set on December 1, 1934, when Seguéi Kirov, the Communist party leader of the Leningrad section, is assassinated by a gunman.

As explained by the Consistory, his death serves as an excuse to Stalin to initiate a random wave of arrests of every Soviet citizen least suspected of being considered a counterrevolutionary and, therefore, an “enemy of the people.”

The synopsis goes on to relate that Lidia Chukovskaia and Anna Ajmatova met in 1938 during the worst moments of the Great Purge. The husband of the first, Matvei Bronstein, and the son of the second, Lev Gumiliov, have been arrested for no apparent reason. Since then, both will begin a relationship of close friendship that will last a lifetime.

The politician has concluded that “We will be the breath on the neck” of the mayor because his training «has come to supervise the institutions“And that” it will not allow drown in taxes so that later it is wasted in indoctrination ».

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