The sordid fall of the daughter of tycoon Robert Maxwell for sex trafficking of minors for Epstein

Gone are the sumptuous jet set parties for the socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, a friend of British royalty who had love affairs with billionaires and dazzled the old elites.

Now, the daughter of the former British press mogul Robert Maxwell is waiting in a Brooklyn jail – in the company of rats and eating rotten food, as he recently complained – the trial that begins this Monday to answer for the traffic accusations sexual intercourse of minors with the deceased Jeffrey Epstein.

If the jury finds her guilty of capturing young girls for Epstein’s sexual consumption, she could be sentenced to 80 years in jail. It’s a sordid fall for this 59-year-old woman used to rubbing shoulders with the cream of the crop of elites, who was arrested in July 2020 in a small New Hampshire town after disappearing from the public scene in the wake of Epstein’s death. his old lover and friend of the soul.

The 66-year-old financier committed suicide while waiting in a New York jail for Jeffrey Epstein The plaintiffs who indicted Epstein describe Maxwell as her right-hand man, her confidante and accomplice who acted as a lover and facilitator to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite that made her, out of a “biological” need, have sex at least three times a day, according to the 2,000 pages of the summary released after his death.

The plaintiffs in this case, some of humble origins and minors at the time of the alleged abuses, claim that Epstein’s “recruiters” came out of school or at their workplaces.

The prosecution accuses Maxwell of gaining the trust of these young women, some as young as 14, beginning in the mid-1990s, to propose that they will give nude massages to Epstein before moving on to the sexual act.

They also accuse her of having participated in the abuse of young women in her London home and in the sumptuous homes Epstein owned in Manhattan, Palm Beach and New Mexico.

According to the summary, Maxwell sometimes stayed in the room when Epstein abused the minors “to reassure them by the presence of a woman.”

“Lively and interesting”

Maxwell’s name came to light in 1991 when his father, the press mogul who was also a six-year MP, drowned falling off his christened yacht. Lady Ghislaine for his beloved daughter.

With his death, rumors of shady financial operations arose in the newspapers of the Mirror Group Newspaper (MGN), which tarnished the good name of the family of the businessman of Jewish origin born in Czechoslovakia, who fled from the Nazis to the United Kingdom.

This did not prevent her daughter from maintaining her opulent life and entering the select circuit of Manhattan’s elite.

His circle of friends includes Prince Andrew, former President Donald Trump and the Clinton family. Maxwell appears in a photo of the wedding of Chelsea, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In 2011, a contributor to Vanity Fair magazine described her as “the most interesting, liveliest, and most unusual person in a room.”

Maxwell was a renowned diver and pilot, who founded an environmental onege, the TerraMar Project, to protect the oceans.

It is not clear how she met Epstein, with whom she had an affair in the 1990s before becoming his “best friend,” as he acknowledged in a 2003 Vanity Fair article.


He has always denied having done anything wrong despite the six charges that weigh on this “villain”, as defined by an FBI agent.

She is also charged with perjury in testimony she gave in 2016 following a defamation complaint filed by Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims. Possessing several passports, the authorities have repeatedly denied her bail due to the risk of her fleeing the country.

Accustomed to the great luxuries, she has complained about the conditions of detention in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Jail, where she remained for more than a year in isolation. Her team of lawyers assures that unsanitary conditions have weakened her.

But during the jury selection a few days ago, she appeared elegantly dressed in a black sweater and gray pants, and with her shiny dark hair despite complaining that she was losing it in jail.

It is rare for defendants like Maxwell to agree to speak at trial, but it is not out of the question. The defense is expected to attack the credibility and memory of the four women who have denounced this teacher, according to the prosecution, in the art of manipulation.

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