The ‘Sorista lobby’ of the Democratic NDI encourages Sánchez to meet with Biden in Brussels

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The 'Sorista lobby' of the Democratic NDI encourages Sánchez to meet with Biden in Brussels

The lobby politician National Democratic Institute (NDI), the institution of the North American Democratic Party linked to the billionaire of speculation George Soros, has led to the precipitous encounter between Pedro Sanchez Y Joe Biden next Monday in Brussels.

Spanish President Pedtro Sánchez has used his excellent relationships with philanthropist George Soros and the NDI, chaired by the Madeleine Albright, the one that was Secretary of State with Bill Clinton. The Democratic Institute, which is headquartered on Massachusetts Avenue, very close to the White House and the Capitol, is listed as lobby before the European Union in the registry of the Belgian capital.

There are two gestures that demonstrate the Pedro Sánchez’s special relationships with George Soros and Madeleine Albright. His first important trip outside of Spain, after being elected secretary general in the PSOE primaries, was in September 2015 to Washington where he met with the president of the NDI. Ferraz’s own official page announced the meeting and published a photo of Sánchez and Albright.

LinkedIn de Sáchez where he links to the NDI lobby

According to Ferraz’s official note, the objective of the trip was to present to the NDI its reform project in Spain. The newly elected socialist leader pledged himself to the dean of the NDI to limit the mandates in the Presidency, to promote the opening of the electoral lists and to review the electoral system in Spain. Quite a mirage: Sánchez has been in La Moncloa for three years and no one has heard him defend such proposals vigorously.

And one of his first visitors to La Moncloa, after winning the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy, was George Soros. The meeting was held without being on Sánchez’s official agenda and was not communicated to the press. It was OKDIARIO who revealed the secret meeting with the millionaire on June 27, 2018. Months later, the Cabinet of the Presidency ignored the recommendations of the Transparency Council and he refused to report on Sánchez’s meetings with George Soros.

A relationship of years

Pedro Sánchez maintained the relationship with the NDI that finances George Soros and the Hungarian-American financial speculator for years. Do not forget that in twice he was part of two groups of observers to supervise electoral processes in Morocco, in 2011, and in Jordan, in 2013. He was also part of humanitarian programs in the Balkans.

Mohamed VI
Sánchez with Francesca Bida (director of the NDI in Morocco between 2012 and 2015) in Tangier in 2013.

All of these missions were indirectly funded by funds from the Open Society Foundation (OSF), Soros’ NGO. The altruistic millionaire spends tens of millions each year to fund NDI. Only in fiscal years 2015 and 2016, the OSF deposited 43.5 million dollars in the coffers of the Democratic institution.

Sánchez’s good relations with the North American Democrats led him, in November 2016, to visit Washington to support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, which was later won by Donald Trump. After your arrival at La Moncloa, it was not explained why Trump He treated him with such contempt.

In September 2018, when he had only been in the Presidency for three months, Sánchez was invited to New York invited by a group of businessmen from the city of skyscrapers, among whom was Dawn Fitzpatrick, the head of investments in the Soros Fund Management.

FitzpatrickAn aggressive 50-year-old executive at the time, she was managing a stratospheric $ 25 billion in Soros’ portfolio. His strategy was based on buying titles and properties “in moments of panic to have an advantage”. A pattern that the financial speculator exploited to become a millionaire.

The Soros executive was also responsible for the control of the 18,000 million that Open Society Foundation He had assigned non-governmental organizations, including some Spanish ones, mainly based in Catalonia and close to the independence interests.

Same suit, same splinter

A year later, in September 2019, the president repeated the promotional tour of New York and was endorsed once again by Soros and his son Alexander, the fourth in the billionaire’s line of succession. Sánchez took advantage of his presence at the Summit on Climate Action and at the United Nations General Assembly to meet with groups lobbystas, among whom were the financial speculator and his son.

Sánchez with Alexander Soros, son of George Soros.

In January 2020, the Prime Minister did not miss the opportunity to meet once again with Alexander Soros on his trip to Switzerland to participate in the Davos forum.

It so happened that Sánchez, since he had been inaugurated as Prime Minister in July 2018, had met more times with Soros or members of his lobby than with the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado.

But La Moncloa’s relations with the lobbies Soros also affected the world of communication. As revealed by OKDIARIO, the financial speculator subsidized with almost three and a half million euros to 7 of the 11 international NGOs that publicly supported the Sánchez Government from the Forum on Information and Democracy in its initiative to launch the new body to control information from La Moncloa, known as Ministry of Truth.

Funding was also channeled, between 2017 and 2018, through the organization of the billionaire philanthropist, Open Society Foundation (OSF), as reflected in its accounting to which OKDIARIO has had access.

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