The Space Station is ready to receive the new Russian Naúka module

Moscow, Jul 27 (EFE) .- The International Space Station (ISS) is ready to receive this Thursday the new multipurpose scientific module Naúka, the first that Russia has sent to the orbital platform in more than ten years, the Russian space agency reported today , Roscosmos.

“The readiness of the docking equipment for the planned arrival of the Naúka is confirmed. An unplanned spacewalk is not necessary,” the agency said on its Telegram channel.

Roscosmos affirmed that on Monday night the specialists of the Flight Control Center studied the docking node of the port to which Naúka is expected to be hooked up, and “found that there are no mechanical obstacles” for its correct arrival.

This Monday the Russian Pirs module together with the Progress MS-16 freighter undocked from the ISS after three consecutive postponements and were sunk in the Pacific Ocean to make way for the Naúka.

The images of the decoupling of the Pirs, after 20 years of service in the ISS, were shown live by Roscosmos.

The Naúka is the first module that Russia has sent to the ISS since 2010, when the Rassvet was docked at the station, and the first heavy domestic since 2000, when the Zvezdá, the main module of the Russian segment, was launched.

With the arrival of the Naúka, the Russian segment of the ISS will receive additional space for the work of the cosmonauts and for the storage of materials, food and equipment for the regeneration of water and oxygen.

In addition, the cosmonauts will have a second toilet and a cabin for a third crew member.

The module also travels the European robotic arm (ERA) of the European Space Agency (ESA).

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