The Spanish chess player detained in Cuba starts a hunger strike due to the pasotismo of Foreign Affairs

Arián González Pérez, 33, a lawyer and Cuban nationalized Spanish chess player who plays under the Spanish flag as a chess grandmaster has started a hunger strike in the Cuban jail where he has been held since July 12 due to the inaction and pasotism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish embassy in Cuba, which has not yet contacted his family on the island or in Orense, where the detained lawyer usually resides. His protest action began on July 18 due to the lack of response from the Spanish authorities regarding his situation.

Arián arrived at the beginning of July to Cuba to bring medicine to his mother and visit her. On the 12th he was violently detained for asking for freedom in the street, as can be seen in the video published by OKDIARIO. Shortly after, Arián was transferred to La Pendiente prison in Santa Clara, one of the most feared by opponents of the Cuban dictatorship.

The great Spanish chess master is charged with an accusation of the crime of “Contempt of an authority or public official established in article 144 of the Penal Code”, a crime of which independent trade unionists, journalists and human rights defenders are normally accused. In Spain, the crime of contempt carries a penalty of six months to one year in prison and usually carries an associated financial fine, but rarely does anyone end up in jail for contempt.

The aforementioned article states that whoever “threatens, slanders, defames, insults, insults or in any way insults or offends, verbally or in writing, in his dignity or decorum to an authority, public official, or his auxiliary agents”, will be condemned from three months to a year in jail and a fine. If the figure against whom the contempt is committed is the ruler, of the crime that Arián is accused of, then the penalty is the most severe of those contemplated, up to three years in prison.

Indeed, “if the act is carried out with respect to the President of the Council of State, President of the National Assembly of People’s Power, to the members of the Council of State or of the Council of Ministers or the Deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power ”, the penalty is deprivation of liberty for one to three years.

The crime of contempt already existed in Cuba before the 1959 revolution, the Castro government expanded the definition to cover the widest possible range of expressions and explicitly apply to the highest government authorities. In addition, the Cuban government also eliminated a provision prior to the Revolution that allowed those accused of contempt to use the veracity of their statements as a defense.

After the arrest of Arian Gonzalez the only Spanish body that has been interested in the whereabouts of this Spaniard has been the Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA), which issued a statement after hearing the news last Friday: «This morning, the Spanish Chess Federation has learned of the arrest of the Spanish-Cuban Grand Master Arián González Pérez in Cuban territory. We have immediately contacted both the Higher Sports Council and the Cuban Chess Federation, inquiring about the situation of the aforementioned Grand Master. The Spanish Chess Federation he wants the situation to be clarified as soon as possible and that Arián González Pérez be released immediately.

Arián, 33, who was born in the Cuban city of Santa Clara, planned to return to Orense, where he resides, in early August. His arrest took place in the town of Camajuaní, where he was visiting his mother. González He is a Spanish citizen and graduated in Law in 2018 from the UNED and had an office in the Plaza Mayor de Orense.

Arián with one of the titles won.
Arián with one of the titles won.

The lawyer also gave private chess classes throughout Spain and participated in international tournaments, winning many of them. On July 11 he published on his Facebook page, from Cuba: «La tiranía Castro-Canel He is not going to give freedom to his people. They can see us in the most absolute misery that they will not care exactly the same. They are not going to drop ANYTHING. His people have been, is and will be treated as an essential clientele to satisfy their luxuries and their vices. They are the ones who resell to us the merchandise they export (sometimes as donations) to their state companies. That’s what they only want us for, as repressed clientele to make money on dollars and euros. Their thing is to the face, without limits and without mercy. Freedom as a human right and as an intrinsic value of a nation, it is only conquered by breaking or disobeying unjust laws, and with vindictive actions in the streets and on the streets. squares of Cuba. Stop brainstorming and false hopes. Freedom it is conquered by force, as history has shown it anywhere in the world. #NoTengoMiedo #patriayvida ».

Just before his arrest you can see in the video how Arián he yells “don’t leave me alone, down with the dictatorship, let’s all Cubans, today is the day, this is the moment, 62 years of fear, of repression (…) Long live free Cuba, Homeland and Life, long live free Cuba, in this country there is we have to learn to respect freedom of expression, of thought (…) We are tired of exile, we are tired of repression (…) countrymen imprisoned for thinking differently, we all go to the streets, we can change this country all together, we can have a prosperous country Down with Fidel, lies on Cuban TV, they tell nothing but lies and falsehoods, it is repression (…) How many deaths have there been in this country? We must support the brave people who are demonstrating today in Havana, in San Isidro, in Santiago de Cuba … We cannot be a sleeping people, we have to wake up all together, Homeland and Life … ».

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