The Spanish cities with the poorest tap water quality

By: Dan Cooper

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The Best and Worst Tap Water in Spain

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) recently conducted a study to determine which Spanish cities have the best and worst quality of tap water. Experts from the organization emphasize that tap water in Spain is the best, cheapest, and of good quality, although quality levels can vary between municipalities.

The Best Tap Water in Spain

After analyzing 62 towns in Spain, the OCU determined that 19 municipalities have “excellent” quality tap water, and 36 have “good” quality tap water. Drinking tap water instead of mineral water can also help save more than 440 euros per year.

At the top of the list made by the OCU are four cities: Burgos, Vigo, San Sebastián, or Las Palmas. The water in Burgos, for example, has “few minerals, without any (soft) lime, and does not present contaminants of any kind.”

The Worst Tap Water in Spain

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the OCU identified several municipalities with the worst tap water in Spain. Here is the complete list:

1. Palma de Mallorca

The OCU found that the tap water in Palma de Mallorca was “very hard and highly mineralized, which gives it a bad taste.” The most worrying aspect was that it contained “26 mg/liter of nitrates, slightly above the level recommended by the WHO (25 mg/l).”

2. Ciudad Real

The OCU detected “trihalomethanes (99.7 micrograms/liter , bordering on the limit, which is 100 mcg/l).” Even a small variation in water quality could cause it to exceed the limit and become unsuitable for consumption.

3. Lebanza

The tap water in Lebanza contained the bacteria E. Coli, which indicates recent fecal contamination. The water also exceeded the maximum levels for other indicators, demonstrating deficient water quality.

4. Barcelona

The OCU found “a high presence of aerobic microorganisms” in Barcelona’s tap water. This reveals poor water disinfection, but the contamination can come from the treatment plant or from any point along the way, including the pipes in people’s homes.

In summary, tap water in Spain is generally of good quality, with some municipalities offering excellent quality. However, there are some municipalities where tap water quality is deficient or unsuitable for consumption. It’s important to be aware of the quality of tap water in your area and take steps to ensure it is safe for consumption.

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