The Spanish stock market extends gains after the opening and rises 0.42%

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The Spanish stock market has extended the gains after the opening and rises 0.42% after the negative close last Friday, in a week in which macroeconomic data will be scarce and in which investors will continue to analyze the rate hikes of central banks in a scenario of high inflation, lower economic growth and restrictive monetary policy.

The selective Spanish, IBEX 35, adds 30.30 points, that 0.42%, and stood at 8,144.60 points.

For their part, the European stock markets as well as the Spanish have also opened with increases of 0.46% in the case of Paris, 0.43% for Milan, 0.40% for Frankfurt, and 0.21%, for London.

The Euro Stoxx50, an index that includes the main European companies, also advanced 0.40%.

The main index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Nikkei, fell 1.05% on Monday, on renewed fears of a recession in the United States and Europe on the prospect of prolonged interest rate hikes amid inflation.

Wall Street closed in the red last Friday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its main indicator, fell 0.85% as concerns about a possible recession mount among investors following the latest announcements from major central banks.

From now on, the focus will be on the macroeconomic figures that are published and that may indicate a worsening of economic conditions.

From this moment, and with the confirmation that central banks will prioritize their fight against inflation over economic growth, “bad macroeconomic news will be bad news for the markets,” according to analysts at Link Securities.

In the IBEX 35, the biggest rise after the opening is for Repsol (BME:REP), with 1.43%, followed by Meliá Hotels (BME:MEL), with 0,95 %; Sacyr (BME:SCYR), with 0.93%, and Naturgy (BME:NTGY), with 0.80%.

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At the opposite extreme, the biggest losses today are for Colonial (BME:CABBAGE), down 1.01%.

In the continuous market, the largest increases are for Nyesa, with 4.26%; Ecoener, with 4.12%, and GAM (BME:GALQ), with 3.95%.

On the contrary, the biggest drop of the continuum is for Reig Jofre (BME:RJFE), with 3.28%, followed by Azkoyen (BME:AZK), with 2.72%, and Neinor Homes (BME:HOME), with 2.04%.

In the debt market, the interest on long-term Spanish bonds falls and stands at 3.249%.

As for raw materials, the Brent oil, a reference in Europe, fell 0.40% to $ 78.72 per barrel.

The gold It rose 0.44% to $1,808.10.

The euro rose 0.57% to $1.064.

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