“The Spicy Response of the Singer to a Wave of Memes and Criticism: How She’s Clapping Back”

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María Becerra, the rising star of the Argentinean music scene, has come a long way since she first uploaded her music to YouTube. Not only has she represented Argentina on a global stage, but she was also recently invited to contribute to the soundtrack for the latest Fast and Furious installment. As part of her promotional tour, she attended a red carpet event with Fast and Furious legends Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, which led to a wave of memes on social media.

Becerra confirmed that her new track,”Te Cura”, will premiere in theaters worldwide on May 18 with the movie’s release. The singer also announced her song would be available on all streaming platforms from May 19. The promotion event for the movie took place on May 5, with a host of celebrities in attendance. Becerra was seen posing alongside Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, as well as other Latin musicians involved in the soundtrack, including J Balvin and Ludmilla.

Becerra was sporting a fashion outfit reminiscent of the early 2000s, featuring low-rise cargo pants, bright pale pink sleeveless top, and high-heeled sandals. A source of much amusement on social media was the dramatic height difference between Becerra and Diesel, and once again, the meme machine was in full flow. There was also some speculation about whether Becerra had undergone cosmetic surgery, but she confidently denied the rumors in a tweet.

Becerra’s encounter with Diesel has led to a surge in memes and criticism on social media. But the singer takes it all in her stride, joking about her changing appearance. Despite the backlash, Becerra remains a firm favorite in the Argentinean music scene.

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