The Squid Game anticipated the deaths before they occurred and you still did not know

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In case you haven’t noticed, there is a Korean series that everyone is talking about and that has hit Netflix very hard. We refer, of course, to The Squid Game, a production that introduces a kind of game in which the characters they fight for their survival (and for money). Throughout the episodes, there are several characters who say goodbye to life. The funny thing is that according to Digital Spy, the deaths were anticipated in previous episodes.

In the following lines we will enter the spoiler swampy terrain, so we recommend you leave this news if you have not yet seen the series or if you have not advanced enough.

Premonitory deaths

Ali, the first death

The character played by Anupam Tripathi, Ali, dies in episode 6 after being betrayed by Sang-Woo. Gives you a bag full of stones and he loses the game so he gets shot and dies. His murder was anticipated in Episode 2, when players vote to end the game and are sent home. Ali asks his boss for a raise because he needs the money to survive. This one says that there is no money, but he steals it: an envelope with money and not stones is found on that occasion. Like Ali did, Sang-Woo steals the marbles that lead the character to his death.

Deok-soo, the criminal on the glass bridge

The second main character to lose his life is the gangster Deok-soo. It occurs during the fifth game, at which time the participants have to cross a glass bridge. It is his turn to cross and he refuses. Then, Mi-nyeo hugs him and they fall together towards eternal sleep. The funny thing is that in the second episode this protagonist is betrayed, he realizes the trap and jumps off the bridge at the right moment, so he survives at that moment.

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Sae-byeok, the threat that turns against her

The North Korean defector threatens another and ends up dying in the same way. After leaving the game for the first time, he meets a man who has been given money to get his parents out of North Korea. He says something he doesn’t like and he reacts by putting a knife to his neck and threatening to slice it open. Because of destiny, in the end it is she who ends up with a knife to the neck. Appears on the ground and with crystal cutouts on the body. Sang-woo cuts his throat next.

Sang-woo is not spared either

Before the games, the police look for him and there is no hope of escape. Decides to hang himself in his apartment, but the suicide does not culminate because someone knocks on the door. Later on, he finds himself in the same situation, but this time he does choose to move on to put an end to his miseries.

Absolute record on Netflix

Almost a month has passed since the premiere of The Squid Game on Netflix, but it has already become the most successful saga on the platform. Figures worldwide indicate that it has already been viewed by a whopping 111 million viewers. How could it be otherwise, the company itself has celebrated it on social networks, the place chosen to share the impressive audience figures.

Netflix, for its part, does not stitch without thread and has suddenly announced a increase in your rates. In this way, the basic plan without high definition remains at the same price (7.99 euros), while the standard plan (HD, 2 simultaneous screens) will cost 12.99 euros, that is, one euro more. The premium plan (ultra HD and 4 simultaneous screens) goes up 2 euros immediately, up to 17.99 euros.

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