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The Squid Game falls for the first time since its premiere: which series has snatched the top spot on Netflix?

The success of The Squid Game is overwhelming and has taken everyone by surprise. The patience of its creator, who waited 10 years until society “was ready”, has paid off. It is currently the Most-viewed original series with 111 million viewers. This is one of the milestones that the Squid has achieved. However, there is a series that has dared to challenge his leadership on the platform in the United States.

Which series has challenged The Squid Game, dethroning it from one of its records? You with your Season 3. It premiered on October 15 and took just 24 hours to reach the # 1 on Netflix of the most popular series, and that in general You is not as popular as The Squid Game worldwide. It is certainly a huge milestone for the series. These numbers have inevitably precipitated Season 4 getting the green light around the same time as the Season 3 premiere.

As for The Squid Game, it is still the best Netflix original premiere and the Top series. 1 in the vast majority of countries in the world, and it seems that it has no plans to slow down. This success has made fans ask for a Season 2 and that its creator has revealed where the shots could go, although there is no official confirmation, much less synopsis. Of course, there are controversies with their translation and interpretation.

The Squid Game and You Season 3 are now available on Netflix.

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