The Squid Game, how much money did it cost to make the Netflix series?

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The Squid Game has become one of Netflix’s biggest hits – and biggest surprises – in 2021. Since its premiere last September, this South Korean production has aroused the interest of millions of people for its proposal, based on the submitting poor people to survival tests in exchange for a multi-million dollar prize. We already know how much the series has cost to produce and how much its main protagonists have earned.

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How much money did the 9 episodes of The Squid Game cost?

The information, advanced by Today Online, reveals that the total budget for production alone amounts to 20 billion South Korean won (14.46 million euros). Each episode has cost 2.5 billion South Korean won, which translates to 1.8 million euros. We are talking about the most expensive Korean series in history.

As far as the actors are concerned, Lee Jung Jae |, who plays Seong Gi Hun as Player 456, it is estimated that he has received about 300 million won per episode; about 216,900 euros, which gives a total of 2.24 million euros. With these figures, Jung Jae becomes the second highest paid Korean actor, topping Song Joong Ki’s 180 million won (130,000 euros) for each episode of Vicenzo. The top spot is still held by Kim Soo Hyun, who took home 500 million won (€ 361,000) for each episode of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.

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Despite Netflix’s increasingly determined approach to video games, with the first titles already available and the purchase of a studio like Night School Studio, the plans for a possible adaptation of The Squid Game to the world of the Squid are unknown at the moment. electronic entertainment, which by its design would easily fit under a title based on risky evidence; even with multiplayer mode.

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