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Two of the series that are causing a sensation on Netflix are undoubtedly “The Squid Game” and “Alice in Borderland“So many viewers who haven’t seen any yet wonder which one they should start with. These shows revolve around how to survive intense games where losers die, this being an attractive spice for viewers.

Asian productions are often praised internationally and these series are no exception. “The Squid Game” It has positioned itself among the most viewed Netflix worldwide, surpassing fictions such as “Stranger Things” and “The paper house”. On your side, “Alice in Borderland” has managed to stay among the 10 most viewed series on the streaming platform.

Find out which series you should watch first and which series is considered the best by fans of the genre below.

In order to avoid any spoilers, the show you should watch first is “Squid Game” or “The Squid Game”, the South Korean series that is extremely popular right now. Because Internet users do not stop talking about it on social networks, it is very likely that you can find some information that spoils your experience.

On the other hand, for those who think that one of them is the sequel to the other, it is important to mention that the series are not related at all.

According to user reviews of Netflix, the best production is “The Squid Game”. This series tells the story of an unemployed man with a great debt that could lead him to death, but everything changes when a young man in a suit approaches him and invites him to play in order to obtain a large sum of money.

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He accepts without knowing that the game hides something disturbing. To this, several people are added who are in the same precarious situation as him, so they are taken to an unknown place to try to take the US $ 38.6 billion of the prize, which only one will win.

The challenge is to pass the six children’s games without being eliminated, so apparently so simple the participants accept without knowing the truth of the terrifying contest. But quitting the game is not an option, as this could have deadly consequences.

The series starring Kento Yamazaki y Tao Tsuchiya follows a video game fanatic and his two friends who appear in a parallel reality in Tokyo, where they must overcome a series of sadistic games to stay alive.

The plot revolves around Arisu, Karube y Segawa, a group of young people who are bored with the life they lead. While a fireworks celebration is taking place, it is Arisu who begins to wish to live in a different world that is more exciting for him.

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