The Squid Game: season 2 is already underway and its creator makes us a promise

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Yes, we know. Given its success and its ending, the strange thing would have been not to hear from The Squid Game again, but at the moment we had nothing official. Today was the first time that its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has spoken seriously about the future of the series. In statements to Associated Press, the director and also screenwriter has confirmed that the second season is already underway, has clarified in which phase of production it is and has even left us a promise related to it.

“There has been a lot of pressure, a lot of demand and a lot of love for a second season. I feel like you haven’t given us much of a choice, so I will say yes, indeed, there will be a new season. Right now it’s in my head. I am in the planning process. But I think it is too early to say when it will arrive or what will happen in it. I only promise you this: Seong Gi-Hun will come back and do something for the world“.

The South Korean series has become Netflix’s last pitch, where it has managed to break the record of viewers in just a few months. According to various sources, The Squid Game had a budget of just $ 21.4 million, a figure that seems negligible if we compare it with the 132 million viewers who have seen it, the 1,400 million hours of viewing that it accumulates and the $ 891 million in benefits who has ended up reporting to the famous streaming company. In other words, Netflix has won more with her than the champion took who survived the game (who got 45.6 billion won, which here we see how much they really are).

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The Squid Game in video games

The fever for the work has reached such a point that even has jumped into the world of video games. We can play the squid game in Fortnite, a few weeks ago several streamers tournaments were held in Roblox organized by ElRubius, and has even appeared in Steam and Twitch an adaptation (unofficial) called Crab Game, is free and has not taken long to go viral. Now that Netflix Games is also a reality, will the platform be encouraged to do an official delivery to use the license and come from the hand of the second season?


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