The Squid Game: the 10 worst mistakes of the Netflix series

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What are the errors of “The Squid Game“? The Netflix series, the most watched in the entire history of the streaming platform, is a global phenomenon that has crossed language barriers. Its disturbing plot has positioned it as one of the most popular stories of recent years, entering popular culture, especially on social networks, with memes, virals and simulations of fiction starring Lee Jung-jae (Gi-Hun ), Wi Ha ‑ joon (Hwang Jun-ho) and Hoyeon Jung (Kang Sae-byeok), among others.

The creation of Hwang Dong-hyukHowever, it has not been without some errors throughout its nine chapters. Some inconsistencies have been very subtle and others have generated confusion among viewers of the season 1. This has been the mistakes within the korean fiction who could have a season 2 for the taste of his followers.

Although it has gone unnoticed, there is an important detail in “The Squid Game”: Dead players come back to life. But this is not possible in the serie de Netflix. So, this is an error that can be seen with the number 307, registered as deceased on the information screen but reappearing in chapter two. The same happens with players 29 and 210.

Another inconsistency occurs with the protagonist Gi-Hun, who comes to “The Squid Game” because he has some debts very urgent. Necessity leads him to participate in the macabre competition, being the survivor and winner of the large sum of money. However, in the story it is said that the contestant does not use the money in a year, which leaves the question of what happened to what he owed and had to pay immediately.

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Another moment where a very evident error is seen is during the shot where some documents written in Korean, but has a typing error. Although the language in which the series was made is not the English, there is a mistake in the way it is written “Top Secret”On the folios. The seal, on the other hand, says “Top Scrert”. A millionaire production should not have such basic mistakes, many followers of the show have said.

In the same way, there are a series of constant errors regarding the players of “The Squid Game”. Although not everyone looks at the secondary characters, the fact that there are characters with double identities has left much to be desired. For example, him number 061 she is a woman in the game and another player’s face appears on the screen. The same happens with the 222 and 336, among others. Unless it is a hidden fact that has not been well placed in history.

Gi-Hun is the undisputed protagonist of “The Squid Game”, so it is assumed that all aspects of the character have been reviewed in detail, so that the viewer experience is the most optimal. When he takes out money, Gi-Hun says that the April 26, but in the organization file it says that the 31 October. Another inconsistency that, had it been on purpose, deserved an explanation in the series.

Among the errors of “The Squid Game”, there is another one linked to a character who worked in a crystal factory. Up to that detail there are no problems. The strange thing is that, in the contestant’s file, it says that he worked since 1897 to 2020, that is, more than one hundred years as an employee. That misprint, of course, should have been corrected to 1987, which would give more meaning to the biography of the character.

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“The Squid Game” He also has other problems with the shape of the umbrella shown several times. Although it should be a unique model, the shape of the object changes in various scenes, making it easy for some and very difficult for other players. This also has no explanation and points to being an oversight of the Netflix series production.

The weak point regarding the leader of “The Squid Game” is the famous black mask. At Chapter 8 of the Netflix series, It is seen that this character presses a clamp to remove the mask, but later, when he has to put it on once more, he puts it on only by bringing it closer to his face and the mask is magically held.

Another detail that has caused surprise is the fact that detective’s iPhone that investigates what happens on the island seems to have an unlimited duration. It has not been turned off for several days and it is not explained, at any time, if it manages to charge it somewhere.

Finally, it was mentioned that there were characters with identical numbers, but there is a special case in that error, that of the 365, which was seen in three different people during “The Squid Game”. This triple identity has generated more confusion among the audience of the production of the Netflix series.

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