“The Squid Game”: the most difficult game to record, according to the director

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After the success of the series “The Squid Game”, its thousands of followers want to know more interesting facts about the program, such as curious anecdotes on the recording set or errors that may have arisen throughout the first season.

Starring Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo y Wi Ha Joon, “Squid game” premiered on friday May 17, 2021 at Netflix, managing to become the most popular program of the streaming platform of all time.

“The Squid Game” follows a group of people who, burdened by financial debts, agree to participate in a series of macabre games inspired by children’s competitions. Whoever survives will win a millionaire prize, while the rest will die.

The creator of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, revealed in a recent interview for the medium ‘THR’ which was the most difficult game to record. Although they all seem to have the same level of difficulty, there is one that stands out for its exhaustive planning. It’s about the game “Red light, green light”, which annihilates the competitors through a huge orange dress doll.

Dong-hyuk noted that the first competition, “Red light, green light”, It was the most tedious to record because of the pressure that the final product be interesting enough to captivate the public. This scene I need more than 300 actors that should have done an impeccable job in the extended sequence:

“It was the first game, and also one of the first days on set, and it had to go well because that was what was going to be a first impression on the audience. It was really challenging both physically and psychologically. It had to have a big enough impact that people wanted to see the rest of the series. I had only imagined it for over 10 years, and bring it to life […] It was the most challenging scene on many levels. “

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Definitely, the creator’s wish came to fruition, as the first episode was enough to keep viewers connected, who consider “The Squid Game” as one of the best series in recent years.

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