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“The Squid Game”: the scene that made HoYeon Jung cry, the actress who plays Kang Sae-byeok

One of the actresses of “The Squid Game”That won the hearts of the public was , who played the North Korean participant number 067. This role meant the debut of the artist, who was already known for having paraded on the best catwalks in the world, as well as for participating in the program “Next Top Model of Korea”, where she occupied the second place.

Although her name and undoubted beauty were already known in Korea, her magnificent interpretation of Kang Sae-byeok catapulted her to international fame. As you remember, the participant 067 It was one of those that reached the last stages of the bloody competition, in order to win the millionaire sum that would allow her to reunite with her loved ones.

Although the character of Jung Ho Yeon It is characterized by having a rough appearance, the truth is that there was an episode that revealed an empathic and emotional side of the participant that even made her interpreter cry. Know what that chapter was in the following lines.

The actress revealed that there was a scene that moved her when she started reading the script. The episode in question is number 6, where the participants are forced to play with marbles to eliminate their rival. In that episode the competitors are grouped by affinity, which makes beating their partner an extremely difficult decision.

In this episode, Jung Ho Yeon is paired with Ji-yeong, participant 240 who is characterized by Lee Yoo-mi. Unlike most competitors, these young women decide to spend most of the time allotted for the game in talking about their lives and the plans they would carry out once they were out of the competition. This is how one of them decides who should live without telling the other about their decision.

The participant 240 He sets a ‘trap’ for the North Korean and lets her win, but not before asking her to achieve her goal of reuniting with her mother and brother. According to what the model told Time, this was the episode that moved her to tears, especially because of the incredible person who turned out to be her colleague:

The scene that made me cry was when Ji-yeong and Sae-byeok they talked to each other. I felt that the lines themselves were very well written by the director, and I saw an interview in which he said that he had imagined this scene with two people who are the most innocent of all the contestants. “

Continuous: “When I read the script, I was sobbing. Meeting Ji-yeong in person was one of the great emotions for me, because at that moment I had to imagine Ji-yeong from the script, but when I met her [a Lee] in reading the table, I just felt that it was her.

Because he had no acting experience, I didn’t think I would get a role in the fiction of . “I was very happy to have landed a role and to be able to act. The idea of ​​meeting the audience through the screen still makes me nervous. I never dreamed that the show would become a worldwide sensation. “, he told Vogue.

In addition, he shared his theory about the success of the South Korean series. “The Squid Game It is a story about human nature that most people already relate to, but everything is communicated through easy-to-follow children’s games. The stories created by the different characters have seemed very interesting to me. Their personalities fed the decisions they made and their consequences. ‘

To play Sae-byeok, the actress and model created an extensive diary for the character. “(In a way) his life was very similar to mine abroad,” he explained. “During those times, it was difficult to share my emotions (and) celebrate with family and friends when something good happened or figure out what to do when something bad happened. Everything (what I felt) was in my head and only in my head. Hence, he could understand his loneliness and how he empowered himself “.

“My favorite aspect of Sae-Byeok is her willingness to sacrifice her life for her family, that energy makes her so strong. As time went by, I felt that Sae-Byeok and I were getting closer. I found joy in our synergy. The time I spent interpreting it was worth every second ”, added.

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