The Squid Game was overtaken by another non-English-speaking Netflix series

On September 17, Netflix returned to bet on a non-English-speaking series. The Squid Game came to the platform in style with only one season of nine episodes. The series, which encompasses drama, action and you could even say a little horror, was a great phenomenon worldwide. What’s more, for several weeks, it ranked first among the streaming giant’s most watched, widely surpassing Bridgerton.

But why was it so successful? Well, the plot of The Squid Game it was a plus. The official synopsis reads: “Several people at risk in urgent need of money receive a mysterious invitation. Locked in a secret location, 456 contestants from all walks of life participate in games to win 45.6 billion won. All the tests are traditional Korean children’s games, but the losers die. Who will get the prize and what is the purpose of this game?”.

Without a doubt, The Squid Game he knew how to capture the attention of those who have a certain devotion to this type of action. However, everything that begins ends and, despite the fact that a second season has already been confirmed, the truth is that the furor is over for this series. This is because there is another Netflix production that surpassed, at least in the last week, this creation from Korea.

This is the second season of The Queen of Flow. It was in 2018 when this strip officially arrived on the platform, but it was only on November 17 that part two was released. With 89 episodes to its credit, this edition was much more successful than the first and, a week ago, it ranks first among the most watched on Netflix in recent days.

With 69,030,000 hours of playback The Queen of Flow he took the job out of The Squid Game, which is third with only 25,730,000 hours played. Second is Heading to hell, which is already treading heavily in the platform’s catalog with 67,520,000 hours of playback.

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