“The Squid Game”: what does Gi-hun really bet at the end of the series, when he meets Oh Il-nam again

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The series “Squid Game” also known in Spanish-speaking countries as “The Squid Game”Is a South Korean production that quickly became the most watched on Netflix’s streaming platform. After obtaining thousands of views during its first days of premiere, the series is preparing to air a second season with new games that will surprise.

It should be noted that “The Squid Game”Was released on Netflix in September 2021, conquering thousands of countries and according to the streaming platform itself, in just 17 days after its broadcast, it was viewed from 111 million accounts.

Among the actors that are part of “The Squid Game” is it so Park Hae Soo like Cho Sang-woo, Heo Sung Tae Tae who plays Jang Deok-su, Wi Ha Joon like detective Hwang Jun-Ho, Lee Jung Jae | like Seong Gi-hun, among others.

Precisely, Seong Gi-un, turned out to be the winner in “The Squid Game”After having participated with several of his companions in drastic and severe competitions whose punishment was death.

After winning in all the games the finalists were known, these are Seong Gi-hun played by the actor Lee Jung Jae | Y Oh Il-Nam embodied by Oh Young Soo. Between them two the first turned out to be the winner.

What many have wondered is what the contestant bet Seong Gi-hun at the end of the hit series. Given this, here we tell you the details.

In “The Squid Game Seong Gi-hun goes through different trials, but one of his greatest challenges was the last of all in which he faces Oh Il-nam.

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But such competition nearly cost Seong Gi-hun his life when he realizes that Oh Il-nam turns out to be alive at the end of the series and challenges him to one last game. Thus, on the seventh floor of a building, the old man offers him a bet.

This consists of nobody helping a man who freezes in the street before midnight. The challenge is accepted and Gi-hun is very clear that if he wins he will kill the old man. But that’s not all then Gi-hun He said he was betting “anything”, Which is translated with his soul.

If Gi-hun lost from that moment on, he would lose all faith in humanity and in himself, but the frozen man receives the help of a person and the player Gi-hun is the winner.

Developed by Siren Pictures Inc. for Netflix, “The Squid Game”Brings together 456 people with financial problems who are tempted to play a mysterious game that promises the winner 45.6 billion won – about US $ 38 million – a sum more than enough to start a new life.

But what appears to be simple child’s play soon turns into a terrifying and chilling fight for their survival.

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