The Stanley Cup By The Numbers

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The Stanley Cup is the oldest team trophy in competition in North American sports. The trophy was first contested in 1893, when the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association won the Cup. Thanks to the experts at WalletHub, here’s a breakdown of the Stanley Cup by numbers. 

 “St. Luis Blues, Stanley Cup” by NHL is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Money Matters

$100,000 – Amount won by St. Louis Blues fan Scott Berry, who proved to be a success at NHL betting. He wagered $400 on the Blues to win the Stanley Cup in 2018-19 at odds of 250-1.

$15.9 million – Highest salary any NHL player earned during the 2020-21 season, garnered by center Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. By comparison, Stephen Curry is the NBA’s highest-paid player at $43 million.

$4.4 billion – Total hockey-related revenue earned by the NHL during 2020.

$81.5 million – The per team salary cap of the 31 NHL clubs.

$16.3 million – The maximum amount an NHL team is allowed to pay to an individual player.

$17 million – The 2021 Stanley Cup playoff bonus pool, to be split among the 16 qualifying teams.

$1.65 billion – According to, the value of the New York Rangers, the NHL’s most valuable franchise.

$144 million – Average NHL team debt for 2020. That was a 13 percent increase from 2019.

$11 million – Estimated operating loss of the 2020 Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning.

$597 million – NHL sponsorship spending during the 2018-19 season, the last full season the league has played.

$50 – Amount Lord Stanley of Preston paid for the original Stanley Cup bowl in 1893.

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$15 million – Projected combined revenue from sponsor ads placed on the helmets of every player in the NHL during the 2021 season, the first season that helmet advertising was offered by the league. Each of the 31 teams had their own helmet sponsor. For example, Bell Canada was featured on the helmets of the Winnipeg Jets.

The Stanley Cup’s Biggest Names

2,394 – The total numbers of names engraved on the Stanley Cup

52 – The maximum number of names each winning team is allowed to have engraved on the bowl of the Cup.

24 – Stanley Cup wins by the Montreal Canadiens, the most of any team.

11 – Stanley Cup wins by the Detroit Red Wings, the most of any American-based team.

2 – Number of times the Stanley Cup was not awarded. In 2005, an owner lockout led to the cancellation of the entire season. In 1919, the Spanish influenza epidemic caused the Cup final series between the Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans to be called off. 

11 – Record numbers of wins by a player. Center Henri Richard won all 11 of his Cups with the Canadiens between 1956-73.

9 – Record number of wins by a coach. Scotty Bowman won five Stanley Cups with the Canadiens (1973, 1976-79), three with the Red Wings (1997-98, 2002) and one with the Pittsburgh Penguins (1992).

17 – Number of women who have their names inscribed on the Stanley Cup. The first was Marguerite Norris, who served as President of Detroit’s Cup winners in 1954 and 1955.

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100 – Number of days during the offseason that the champions get to spend with the Cup. Each member of the winning team is given a day with the Stanley Cup.

 “Stanley Cup” by NHL is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Stanley Cup Oddities

25 – Number of countries that the Stanley Cup has visited.

29 – Number of times the Stanley Cup has visited the White House.

3 – Number of babies who have been baptized in the Stanley Cup. 

3 – Number of Kentucky Derby winners who’ve been visited by the Stanley Cup – Go For Gin (1994), Wicked Strong (2014) and Nyquist (2018). Nyquist was named after Columbus Blue Jackets forward Gustav Nyquist.

2.95 million – Average viewership for the 2020 Stanley Cup final between the Tampa Bay Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars, making it the least-watched Cup final series in the past two decades. Tampa Bay won the Cup in six games.

12.41 million – Viewers for Game 7 of the 1971 Stanley Cup final between the Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks at Chicago Stadium, the most-watched Stanley Cup final game in history. Montreal rallied from a 2-0 deficit for a 3-2 win.

14 – Number of goals scored by Tampa Bay forward Brayden Point during the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs to lead all scorers.

10 – Number of goals scored so far by Tampa Bay forward Brayden Point during the 2021 Cup playoffs. That total leads all scorers. 

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