The state of New York detects five new infections by the South African variant

The authorities of the state of New York, In the northeastern United States, it has confirmed five new infections with the South African variant of the coronavirus just a day after it was notified that the new strain had entered the country.

“The New York State has confirmed five new cases of the Omicron variant. Let me be clear: this is no cause for alarm. We knew that this variant would come and we have the tools to stop the spread ”, defended the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, in her social networks.

In this way, the United States adds five new positive cases just one day after the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC) announced this Wednesday having detected the first contagion by the new strain corresponding to a person who arrived in the country from South Africa.

Previously, earlier this week the president of the United States, Joe Biden, already recognized that it would be “almost impossible” stop the advance of the variant and, therefore, its entry into the country.

At that time Biden, like Hochul now, advocated to remain calm and asked citizens not to fall for el “panic” and “confusion.” This variant is cause for concern, not panic. We have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists and every day we learn more and we will fight against this variant with science and knowledge, “he said.

So for the governor of New York “the best” What citizens can do to protect themselves against omicron or “any other variant” is to get vaccinated, inoculate booster doses, get tested and wear the mask.

This Sunday Hochul already took a step forward in his fight to try to stop the advance of the new strain and declared a state of emergency as a measure exceptional in the presence of Ómicron.

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