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Most mobile phone users still believe that if you leave your cell phone charging for several hours it will explode because the battery will overheat, as this is not true, so do not be fooled. Although what was said was an indisputable truth more than a decade ago, today mobile phones with lithium ion batteries are prepared to withstand long charge cycles without breaking down; However, it is more than certain that you want to know when your Android device reached 100%, something that we will teach you below.

Before acquiring a new cell phone it is important that you ask for all the features of the Smartphone, since current cell phones with a lithium ion battery will not spoil when you leave them plugged in for several hours or days, because they automatically interrupt the power supply. when they reach 100% of their total load.

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You may not know it but there is a new function for Android mobiles, which will notify you by voice at the precise moment that the battery has been charged to 100%, this is very useful when the equipment is with low battery and you want to use it as as soon as possible as soon as it finishes charging.

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It is the external application ‘Automate’ that you will have to install from the Google Play Store of Android by clicking . The bad news is that it is not available in the Spanish language, but you are not going to interact much with it either, just to configure it.

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Open the application and click on ‘Accept’ to grant it permissions. Now, press the icon of the cross enclosed in a circle that is located at the bottom (+) and then on ‘Flow Beginning’. Add a title such as for example : “Battery at 100%” and tap on ‘Save’ in the upper right corner. Press (+) again and choose the option ‘Battery & power’, then on ‘Battery level?’ Two options will open, ‘Go’ and ‘In’, touch the last one. In the section ‘Input arguments’ write in the option ‘Minimum level’ the following: 100 and save it.Write 100 in Minimum level (Photo: Mag)Write 100 in Minimum level (Photo: Mag) Touch the cross again and enter ‘Camera & sound’ and then to the ‘Speak’ section Click on ‘In’ in the ‘Speak’ section and in ‘Input arguments’ write in ‘Message’ “Battery fully charged”. The next step is to press the arrow pointing backwards that is in the upper left corner Write fully charged battery in Message (Photo: Mag) By tapping on ‘‘ you can name it. Finally, press on ‘Start’. That would be all, you just have to wait for the battery to reach 100% or the one you have configured, so that the mobile will notify you by voice when it is fully charged.Change the name and click on Start (Photo: Mag)Change the name and click on Start (Photo: Mag)


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