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WhatsApp status is a section where users can post all kinds of content related to their daily activity such as: photos, videos, memes and links. You also have the possibility of uploading a part of your favorite song, therefore, this time we will teach you a trick to share audios in the stories without the need to install external applications. Do you want to know how to do it? We will explain how to do it below.

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When we talk about audios we are referring specifically to YouTube music, not to the voice notes that are usually sent to you through WhatsApp chats. Likewise, it is important to clarify that this trick only works on Android mobiles, although if you can perform a similar method on iPhone iOS, it may be successful.

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First, open YouTube and search for your favorite song. Now, make sure to choose the best part of the track because you will only be able to upload 30 seconds. When you have everything ready press the start button of the cell phone.Home button (Photo: Mag)Start button (Photo: Mag) Then, press the button with the three vertical stripes (lll) on the mobile to open all the applications you are using.Button with the three vertical stripes (Photo: Mag)Button with the three vertical stripes (Photo: Mag) YouTube will appear as the first option since it is the last application you used. You have to press for two seconds the icon of this platform that is in the upper part. Five options will be displayed but you have to choose in ‘Open in split screen view’.'Open in split screen view' (Photo: Mag)‘Open in split screen view’ (Photo: Mag) The cell phone screen will be divided in two, at the top will be YouTube and at the bottom you must choose WhatsApp.In the instant messaging app go to the States section, but , place the cell phone on a surface (preferably black) with the camera facing down. Finally, play the song and quickly press the record icon in WhatsApp and then publish your song.

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