The story behind the viral video of a baby and a cat that has more than 2 million views on TikTok

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Throughout the history of the internet and viral videos, young children and cats have perhaps been the most viewed have accumulated on their own, but when the two are put together the social networks go crazy and it seems that a family of USA He managed to capture this message without having previously imagined it.

Emily Hixon, a resident of Sumrall in Mississippi and the wife of a local reverend, recorded a video of her young daughter Sojourner playing with a little kitten that he had rescued and posted it on Twitter, having great reach but its resounding success came when the same clip was shared on TikTok.

On this platform it was not she who uploaded the video but Lydia Sigwarth, writer and friend of the family. After receiving the file, he published the video on his account More than a month ago and it already has more than 2 million views and thousands of comments from people who were moved by what was seen on the screen.

And it is that the images showed the innocent games and conceits of the baby with the little kitten. Furthermore, it was specified that both of them had become the best of friends.

In statements with the medium , Emily Hixon, mother of the baby, detailed how the viral video of TikTok originated, starting with how the little cat arrived at her house, which was baptized as Sprinkles.

“I heard a kitten meow in the high school shed. I was afraid it was stuck so I had my husband go to the shed to see if he could get it out. He was very sick and we took him to the vet “Hixon said.

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However, Sojourner and Sprinkles did not meet immediately because the parents made the decision that the feline should be cured first and then establish such a relationship.

“First we taught him how to touch the kitten and then they started to play. I woke up one morning and my friends were sharing links that the video had been shared on news sites. It seemed funny to me “he added.

Meanwhile, the writer Lydia Sigwarth revealed how the idea for the video to be shared on TikTok. “Emily put the video of Jojo (Sojourner) and Sprinkles on her Twitter and I immediately knew it had potential. People love kittens, babies and especially babies and kittens together. “.

Despite the fame and cuteness of the video, it should be noted that negative responses and comments have also been received for letting a baby and a kitten play with each other.

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