The story of a woman whose husband died of cancer after believing he suffered from arthritis

Kerry Baggott’s husband passed away after a long and complicated battle against cancer. A year after her departure, she reflected on what happened and gave details of the case, in an attempt to alert others to the symptoms of this condition, which must be detected before it is too late.

The woman, from England, says that it all started when Jeremy told her that he felt a stabbing pain in his back, but being a 46-year-old man “fit and healthy”, the couple believed that the ailment was temporary and that it would disappear with the days.

“He was really fitter than ever, he just had a little back pain that we thought was normal for someone his age”Kerry said in conversation with .

However, the discomfort got worse and became constant, forcing Jeremy to use an inversion table for years.

When taken to the doctor, they told him that he had sprained some muscles, but the pain continued, so the man had blood tests and MRIs.

“I had a lump on my collarbone, pain in my arms and shoulders, and I had a lot of MRIs that hadn’t found anything important.”Kerry recounted.

Time passed, and one day when Kerry was picking up her daughters from school, she received a call from Jeremy after a medical appointment.

“He told me that the doctors thought he had some kind of arthritis. I remember the words that came out of my mouth, I said ‘we’ll take that, it’s not like it’s leukemia or something’ “, remember. “They put strong steroids on him and as the weeks went by, it was literally like watching a man fall apart. It was horrible, I had massive ulcers on my tongue and in a few days I couldn’t even have a cup of tea. “.

A new MRI revealed that there were holes in his body. Kerry recalls that her husband’s right arm had all but disappeared.

“That’s when we found out it was myeloma. Cancer cells had passed through his bones and it was as if his bones were leaky water pipes. “, said.

Jeremy was finally diagnosed with cancer in March 2018. He had a broken collarbone, six broken ribs, numerous infections, and the bone in his upper right arm had completely disintegrated.

Quickly, he underwent surgery, radiation therapy, and several chemotherapy sessions, as well as a stem cell transplant. For quite some time, he showed signs of having recovered. Sadly, she unexpectedly relapsed in September 2020 and passed away just two months later, on November 27, alongside Kerry and her daughters.

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