The story of a young woman who donated one of her kidneys to a stranger to save his life

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In general, people decide to donate their organs to family or close friends, but a young Mexican woman broke that stereotype by giving one of her kidneys to a complete stranger after seeing a post on social networks, in which the family of a young man desperately asked for a donor.

Through a series of videos on his TikTok account, Yareni Tripp made a narration of how he made that decision that would change a boy’s life forever. As expected, his entire story went viral very quickly.

“In 2020 I found a publication in Facebook in which a family was looking for a kidney donor. Eric had chronic kidney failure, had suffered from cancer, but was now a candidate for a transplant. When I read it, something inside me knew that I was its donor “, was telling in his video that it went viral.

However, a person cannot donate an organ just because it was born, since studies must be carried out to check if both organisms are compatible with the objective that the boy who was going to receive the kidney was not going to reject the new organ.

“We did the studies and it turned out that we were compatible, so she could be his donor. On February 8, 2021, the surgery was performed in which I donated my left kidney. It was a success. Eric’s health changed dramatically “, he counted.

The video you posted on , in which she tells the details of her decision, she has more than 2.5 million visits and a large number of comments in which many people describe her as a very generous and courageous person for what she had done.

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The young woman in this story not only posted videos on TikTok Telling what happened, on Instagram he also made some publications giving more details of what had happened before and after having donated his kidney. For example, she acknowledged that she met Eric only three days before the operation.

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