The story of Hirothropologie, the mysterious artist who paints hyper-realistic pictures

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A talented artist who works under the pseudonym “Hirothropologie”Has become world famous for his ability to create photo-like portraits using paint, brushes and great skill. The results are impressive hyper realistic paintings that become difficult to distinguish from a photograph.

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The excellence of this artist has led him to become one of the most impressive references in the world. art hyperrealista internationally, being the exponent of a painting technique that seeks to represent reality as faithfully as possible with paintings.

Hirothropologie”Has explained that to carry out his works he uses life-size images of his models as a basis, thus seeking to be able to accurately represent freckles, hair and folds of clothing. There is no detail that escapes for this artist, absolutely everything can be seen perfectly on a canvas that also mimics human proportions.

It is worth remembering that when averaging 2015, “Hirothropologie”Presented his collection from portraits of women that was all the rage and that can be seen on different internet sites. “I put my whole life into this” was the forceful statement he made to express what this had personally meant.

The truth is that their plays and his pseudonym have gone around the world cataloging him as one of the best exponents of the hyperrealism since his works show a remarkable impossibility of distinguishing the paintings with real photographs.

At the moment, the artist has not returned to present a collection, and many enthusiasts of this type of art hope that sometime he will reappear and publish a new series of works that account for a precise technique of photorealism. With patience, skill and optimal brushes they allow to recreate the smallest detail and that have led him to be recognized internationally.

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What is hyperrealism?

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture that resembles photography. Various currents consider it an advance of the photorealism by the methods used. The term applies to an independent art style and movement that emerged in the United States and Europe in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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The hyper-realistic painters and sculptors use photographic images as a reference source to create a more definitive and detailed representation that often unlike the photorealism, is narrative and emotional in its representations.

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