The Story of Scrub Daddy Growth

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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Shark Tank is one of the new era’s most famous television reality shows. The idea behind the show was to finance new ideas and make more entrepreneurs worldwide. Many people have come, some have cracked the deals, and the rest have taken back sadness because sharks needed to be convinced of their ideas. But this failure did not stop them. 

This is the story of the CEO of Scrub Daddy. His product has raised from level zero to a hundred in a very short life span. There is a lot to know about the Scrub Daddy. Let us know more about him and his worth in the next segment.

Who Is Aaron Krause?

Aaron Krause was born on February 1, 1969, in Wynnewood, U.S. His parents are doctors. But he was born with a different mindset; he started inventing things very young. He studied psychology at Syracuse University.

After graduating, he first started his own car washing company. He worked there for many years and learned the art of cleaning objects. He needed to be convinced by the buffing objects available at his time. He wanted to invent something more. So he started his range of cleaning materials.

He first started his own buffing pads. He made it patent under his name, and his intention was to enhance the buffing pad more creatively. Now he intended to expand his buffing pad business because these were becoming the new sensation in the world. Later he never went back to his old business.

Finding Scrub Daddy

He was very satisfied with his invention. Now he wants to make it available to the public. Because the problem of cleaning puffs was not his alone, he knows many of his friends who complain the same thing about not having the right cleaning material. He took a chance on it.

He was really passionate about his work. He developed his cleaning range for his manufacturing company. He called Germany, and from there, he picked the best foam. The name of the foam is tailor-made foam. He then thought of the best design possible to hold the soft sponge in place. He then sliced the sponge and rigid its ends for a better grip. From this stunt, he got the idea of a smiley face sponge. And the next is, of course, history.

In 2008 his buffing pad company touched the biggest digit in the world, which is 3 million. This was the biggest manufacturing firm in the world. But he still was not included in the purchasing firm and needed to get more attention from the users. 

Next, around 2011, he found that his sponge has a special ability. That his sponge becomes hard in cold water and softener in hot water. This was another kick for his start because this could have added another plus point to his sales list. In the next year, 2012, he officially launched scrub daddy. Home shopping network QVC has become the first platform to present scrub daddy products officially.

Story Behind Shark Tank

Aaron and the QVC unit were making good profits. People liked his product, and they both benefited from his new launch. This was really a great move in the career graph of scrub daddy, but the next step was going to be a life changer for him. Though he was on a good platform and making good profits, he knew that his product needed to reach its true potential. He was once sitting on the couch with his wife. He thinks bringing his vision into the retail world will be a good idea. 

Later he took the step and appeared in the fourth season of the great shark tank. He made a really good presentation and grabbed the attention of many sharks. He was ready to give his 10% stake in return, but Kevin O’Leary wanted to hold 50% of his company. Aaron was not prepared for the deal, so he declined it without hesitation. 

The next deal was finalized between Lori and Aaron with a stake of 20%. Aaron happily accepted the offer. From his brief television appearance, he came to the notice of many great holders and especially his target public. The minute he stepped down from the stage, he solely sold more than 50 thousand products. Lori, the queen of QVC, also helped him to reach out to different parts of the U.S., And now he is all set to make history. 

Scrub Daddy’s Net Worth

People are now very much keen on new products. They welcome new ideas more in their life and are open to out-of-league discoveries. In 2017, he made a revenue of 100 million dollars. His sales touched 209 million dollars that October. If we see the statistics of his growth, he has easily handled the 300 million dollars figures by the end of the same year. 

Scrub Daddy has become the favorite brand of cleaning all time. He has expanded his manufacturing headquarters to more than eighty thousand square feet. Aaron is very good at marketing and knows all the acts of it. He uses public platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote their products.

If we see the figure today, it has touched the total revenue of 70 million dollars alone. This company has become the third largest selling cleaning products in America. Now more than twenty items are sold under the name of scrub daddy, like dual side sponges, soap dispensers, sink organizers, home erasers, and many more. The product has solved most of the problems while cleaning small parts of the car and other accessories. 

Aaron has done a great job and was praised by many people for his discovery. He has always been honest about the work and wants to create more under the name of scrub daddy. He is now 52 years old and is happy to carry his life on the same path. Moreover, he is still expanding his business. He is now focusing on collaborating with other companies and being the best in cleaning items under his name. 

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