The story of the inspiring message a delivery man left for a mother that went viral

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A delivery man in U.S was delivering a baby formula until he noticed that it was a newborn at home, so he approached the doorbell security camera to dedicate a tender message for the whole family, which turned viral in Instagram.

“If this is the house and you have had a child, I hope everything goes well with your newborn. I had a son around the same time as you guys and I just hope everything goes well. God bless you and happy holidays ”, said the young man in front of the camera.

Jessica KitchelMother of the newborn and owner of the house, she saw and heard absolutely everything through her cell phone, which alerted that there was a visitor at the door, and she was totally moved.

The first thing this 36-year-old mother did is upload the video to her Instagram account, a platform on which it became viral due to the kindness that the young man had to stop and give some heartfelt words.

“It was good to remember that there are still great people who work hard for us every day. I really wish I knew his name, but I hope he comes back and if he does, there will be diapers waiting for him! ”He wrote in his post.

Jessica, in an interview with the , revealed that he wanted to find the young man in the video to thank him and give him a small present. Thus, the company the boy works for contacted her and they were able to put them in touch.

Due to how viral that video was, the mother asked for a series of donations for the young man by name Dallen Harrell and her little son. And so it was that several presents from unknown people arrived.

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“I was so impressed by the fact, that he took the time to stop and do it, and more so that he was so observant, so I wanted to thank him and give him a hug,” Kitchel said.

For his part, Harrel indicated that he never thought that many good things would come to him after what he said in front of the camera during his usual cast day. What’s more, he believed that no one would see him.

“I can’t believe it all turned out this way. When I left the comment on the doorbell, I didn’t even expect to hear from them, and many blessings have followed me, ”said Harrel, who works as a hip-hop singer.

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